ROTAX Max Challenge Chile scored podiums


Last Staurday 5th of July, took place the 5th round of the ROTAX Max Challenge Chile, in Kartódromo de Lampa, in Santiago.

Praga and OK1 Teams, took place with all of their official drivers, in many categories, with great results.
-Nicolas Pino,PRAGA,  #78, MINIMAX.
Pole position and 1st place.(final)
-Roberto Pino, OK1, #279, HONDA.
Pole position and 1st place.(final)
-Gustavo Tuti Suarez, OK1,#101; Junior Max
Pole position an 1st place (final).
-Lorenzo Mauriziano, PRAGA, #103, Junior Max.
2nd place (final)
-Max Jaeger, Praga #31, PRD Fireball.
Pole position, 2nd place (final).
-Benjamin Ramos, Praga #207, Senior Max.
3rd place (final)
-Luis Ignacio Valenzuela, Praga #401, DD2 Masters.
Pole Position, 1st place (final)
-Lucas Bacigalupo, OK1, #350, DD2 seniors
1st place (final).
-Christian Cornejo, Praga #303, DD2 seniors
Pole Position, 3rd place (final). Won both series, Final from the last place (got penalized).
Photo credits:
Pedro Mena Jimenez, Chile.

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