One of the most important events in the international karting season finale has taken place: the WSK Open Cup at South Garda Karting in Lonato. The IPK Group brands responded to the call and took to the track with as many as 17 drivers, of which 12 in the 60 Mini. An excellent performance by Giacomo Pollini who achieved second place in KZ2.

The gears class was the only one to compete in the WSK Open Cup in a single race, while for the others the results can be seen after the second round that will take place in Castelletto di Branduzzo. The excellent performance level of the IPK chassis was immediately clear right from the qualifiers: Giacomo Pollini (NGM Motorsport) drove his Formula K to achieve the best time, Tom Leuillet (Praga Racing Team) was just behind him, in third position with his Praga chassis, while Leonardo Bizzotto (NGM Motorsport) also finished in the top ten. The rounds and prefinal confirmed the positive trend: Pollini was always in the first three in the Heats (twice 3rd and once 2nd) and gained a position in the first row of the pre-final where he finished in second place. Leuillet came 5th in all three races and finishes 6th in the pre-final. Bizzotto had some difficulties in one of the Heats, but in any case, finished 11th in the rankings and rose to 9th in the pre-final. Pollini came second again in the final, while Leuillet had some bad luck, finding himself in 20th place again because of contacts in the middle of the race, as well as being given a 5 second penalty. Bizzotto finished a very positive weekend in tenth place.

OK and OKJ
In the single-speed classes, the IP Karting chassis was represented by Leandro Anderrutti (Schumacher Racing Team) in OK and Ariel Elkin (Formula K Junior Team) in OKJ. The latter achieved an excellent speed, but one unlucky heat out of the 4 he competed in forced him to start from the back for the pre-final. Elkin did well as get away from the others, climbing 5 places both in the pre-final and in the final, achieving an excellent 10th place at the end. Anderrutti, on the other hand, having also made a good comeback in the pre-final, where he achieved 7th place, was prematurely forced out of the decisive race.

There were many competitive drivers equipped with IP Karting material in the class for younger drivers. The qualifiers were useful for everyone to become familiar with the track and to prepare as well as possible for the long series of races. Looking good in this case were Gerasim Skulanov, Matias Orjuela (both Praga Racing Team) and Alessandro Minetto (NGM Motorsport), who had no problems qualifying for the next stages of the race finishing several times in the top ten. Thanks to a less brilliant qualifier, Louis Iglesias (Praga Racing Team), had to struggle stubbornly during the Heats although he also managed to reach the pre-final. Alexey Alekseev, Arsenii Krivoshein and Alexandr Smirnov (all Formula K Junior Team); Paolo Sacco, Presa Matic and Fabio Reale (all Praga Racing Team); Guillaume Bouzar and Lamberto Ferrari (both Schumacher Junior Team) had many good performances along with some physiological difficulties, inevitable for young drivers who, in any case, all saw the WSK Open Cup as an important moment to improve and gain experience.
In the pre-final, Presa and Sacco made exceptional comebacks, respectively gaining 11th and 12th place. For both of them, however, their efforts were not repaid with access to the final, which they just missed out on. Easy qualifications, instead, for Skulanov, who climbed 5 places, and Iglesias, who climbed as many as 8; and Orjuela.
In the final, both Iglesias and Skulanov continued climbing the rankings: the former climbed another 5 positions, while the latter actually achieved 9 to finish the weekend in 13th place.

The next event for OK, OKJ and 60 Mini drivers is now the second round of the WSK Open Cup, planned to take place on the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo from 7 to 10 November.