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The Praga brand has its dealers in almost all countries of the world, where karting is done. With Praga, you can race with these dealers of our brand, and if you are interested and aspire to compete with the world karting elite, you can use our Praga Kart Racing Team.

Racing news from Praga

A positive first part of the season for IPK

The victory by Formula K Racing Team’s top driver, Jeremy Iglesias, in the European Championship at Salbris ...
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The new RBS.V2 brake system

IPKarting, with the new 2018-2020 homologation, has reviewed and improved its rear braking system dedicated to ...
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The new STR.V2 brake system

IPKarting presented its new STR.V2 brake system, designed for the categories with gear shift and are designed in ...
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Introduction of the team

The main role of the factory team Praga Kart Racing is to represent products of the Praga brand, which are made in the IPK factory for racing purposes. Sport results of the Praga products thus continue in the previous experience and successes of products that have been made in IPK for 15 years already, always achieving the highest goals.

The Praga Kart Racing brand has been occurring in the top karting races for the 3rd season already, and it ranks among the best world teams. Thanks to the professional experience and new innovative procedures, Praga Kart Racing is now a successful competitor in all karting categories. In order to achieve absolute results, Praga Kart Racing gives a chance to all drivers who are able and willing to race on the highest level and thus achieve top results.

It is mainly due to our professional background, excellent Praga products, the team consisting of successful racers and experienced technicians.

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Your racing future

The cooperation of the factory team Praga Kart Racing with other Praga teams, which participate in circuit racing in the Formula 4 series, Praga R1 circuit races or in the team of the multiple world champion Sebastien Loeb in the LMP series, is a great advantage for those who have higher ambitions in the motorsport. Find out more about Praga LMP.

Find your Winning Instinct with Praga


Winning Instinct

With Praga Kart Racing, your racing
career has an open way to success.

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Why Race for Praga?

  • Thanks to our own testing programme, Praga Kart Racing enables pilots to prepare; each racer can drive a kart almost every weekend.
  • The IPK factory provides Praga Kart Racing with maximum technical assistance, giving drivers the state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Our professional drivers take care of the Praga Kart Racing drivers, who are also under professional supervision of our technicians and receive a plan of physical preparation and regimen too. A physiotherapist is available at important races; drivers can have their personal coach.
  • Praga Kart Racing also provides all Praga dealers and teams with maximum technical and advisory assistance via the IPK factory. It ensures a high level on all karting races our partners participate in.

The factory team Praga Kart Racing starts regularly in all of the most prestigious world series.


Join the team!

Contact us if you’d like to become a part of the Praga Kart racing team.

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