Gianluca Beggio: New Praga team member!


Praga team proudly announces that as of January 2014 Gianluca Beggio will become our new member in a position of a technical manager. His responsibilities will be preparations before races, taking care of technical aspects of the race and lastly communication with engineers from IPK. We believe that Beggios contribution will increase the professionalism of the team not only during the races, but also regarding IPK functioning.
Gianluca Beggio is a 5x world champion in category Formula C in karting, as well as the winner of the Monaco Kart Cup in the ICA class. His first big success came in 1983 when Gianluca became the Italian champion in the 100 Cadetti class. Ever since then he had won many races and scored several podium finishes. Praga is very excited to welcome such a valuable figure into the team.

Check out more photos of Gianluca Beggio bellow.

Gianluca Beggio

GB 3

Petr Ptáček and Gianluca Beggio

GB 2

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