Praga Novinky

Praga won a bronze at Red Bull

Team Aschoff had announced earlier this year that they would take part in the full DMV GTC. Due to other priorities for their team, they had ...
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The Praga R1R gets cold feet.

Autor fotografií Oskar Bakke
After a quick glance at the Praga R1R, many people would think that it is a pure-bred race car with serious compromises for the road. We at Praga ...
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Praga Cars at Autosport International 2017

Praga Cars recently attended the Autosport International show in Birmingham for the third time. Autosport International is the self proclaimed ...
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Epic 1800km road trip with Praga R1R – Documentary

Praga and Jon Olsson prepared a 5 part doccumentary about the ultimate test drive of Praga R1R.  The story of the most epic road trip ever starts ...
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Praga se představila na festivalu rychlosti v Goodwoodu

Lord March každoročně pořádá festival, na který zve nejvýraznější automobily z celého světa, aby se účastnily té nejlepší zahradní slavnosti na ...
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Pitbull loves Praga R1

It’s not often that you find Praga as the star of an international music video, however this is the case for the latest music video for the song ...
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Praga excelled on home ground

Praga R1Ts have been introduced to thousands of spectators during the Grand Prix of Slovakia. One of the company’s cars was under control of Aleš ...
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Second race of Praga R1 at FIA-CEZ – Reb Bull Ring

Second race at Red Bull Ring Another race was held in the middle of May, two weeks after racing in Hungary; this one was on Austria’s Red Bull ...
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Beginning of the season at Hungaroring

Two opening events of the Central European FIA CEZ championship brough several victories, but also some mistakes and one retirement from race for ...
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Saxo Bank became a partner of Praga Cars

Saxo Bank became a parner of Praga Cars for the 2016 season and appreciated Praga Cars for its innovativeness, outstanding performance and race ...
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Classic Car Race Aarhus in Denmark

You might not have heard of the CCRA, but in Denmark it is very well known among the car enthusiast community. The Classic Car Race is the ...
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The President of Slovakia Andrej Kiska in Praga R1

On the 11.5.2016 President Andrej Kiska visited factory C2i in Dunajska Streda, where Praga makes its carbon-fibre components. Andrej Kiska ...
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