Praga R1

Závodní auto 21. století

Praga R1R

Silniční limitovaná edice

Praga R4S

Mimořádné závodní auto

Novinky o Praga Cars

Praga won a bronze at Red Bull

Team Aschoff had announced earlier this year that they would take part in the full DMV GTC. Due to other priorities for their ...
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The Praga R1R gets cold feet.

Autor fotografií Oskar Bakke
After a quick glance at the Praga R1R, many people would think that it is a pure-bred race car with serious compromises for ...
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Praga Cars at Autosport International 2017

Praga Cars recently attended the Autosport International show in Birmingham for the third time. Autosport International is ...
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