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Praga is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world.

The brand was born more than one hundred years ago and it has been producing cars and trucks for various purposes since the year 1907. Many vehicles were gained great reputation during several domestic and international racing events and expositions – but this reputation stems mostly from brand’s numerous customers. During the years of the First Czechoslovak Republic, Praga began with production of planes, military vehicles (including several light tanks), motorcycles and agricultural machinery. Praga therefore participated in the technical and industrial growth of the first half of the 20th century. However, the production was considerably limited during and after the WWII and this situation even worsened after the rise of communism in the Czech and Slovak lands. Company’s production was reduced to manufacturing of truck vehicles and engine components. Nevertheless, these difficult years gave birth to Praga V3S, famous multi-purpose truck which was in production for several decades and is frequently in use even today.

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Praga in 21st century

With the new millennium, Praga brand gradually returns to the international scene. Praga has manufactured its own endure bikes, karts and exquisite racing car Praga R1 which has already proven to be capable of high-quality performance in both European and American racing competitions. Praga’s activities therefore aren’t limited to production but include various racing activities. Moreover, the brand has developed the first automobile after 68 year: Praga R1R. In 2016, aircraft under the brand of Praga Alfa is going to be launched in the skies.

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Praga is not only about cars.

PRAGA is traditionally connected with production of automobiles. However, the name Praga is currently connected with much wider spectrum of activities which involves several companies. The production of R1R automobile and racing car R1 is bound to Praga Cars company, whilst Praga’s karts are manufactured by Italian IPKarting company. Both R1s and karts have successfully participated in a great deal of racing competitions which proved both reliability and rapidity of this brand’s vehicles. Praga’s representative in this field in the USA is the company Praga Motors. Praga’s first airplane: a low-cost elegant and reliable Praga Alfa is being born in cooperation of PRAGA AVIATION and ORBIS AVIA companies.

However, our field of activities is not limited to production of machinery: PRAGA-Insurance is a company focused on independent insurance and brokerage activities. Our professionals with many years’ experience are capable of providing profitable investments as well as high-quality insurance. Praga’s team is also joined by PRAGA-Energo company and PRAGA-Export, founded in 2006, being the mother company.

Driver support on their career path

Praga participates on the biggest endurance racing events of the planet, our drivers and engineers co-operate with famous endurance racing teams such as Lotus LMP2 and Sebastian Loeb Racing Team. LMP prototypes are inspiration for our racing cars, and are possible destination for our aspiring drivers.

Our racing projects offer an extraordinary opportunity for young Praga drivers to build their racing career and transfer from karting into the world of race cars.

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