Praga News

Praga Alfa premiere at Aviation Show

On 3 and 4 June, at the Pardubice Airport, visitors to the 27th year of the Aviation Show premiered the new SM-92TE Praga Alfa multi-purpose ...
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GE H80 Turboprop Engine by GE Aviation Czech

The right choice for our SM-92TE Praga Alfa to comply the aircraft operators´ needs We in Praga have chosen the engine GE H80 for our airplane ...
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Major Change approval of TC No. ST294-SM-92T/OGI-01 SM-92TE Praga Alfa

PRAGA-Export is delighted to announce major change approval issued by IAC AR (ST 294-SM-92T/OGI-01) for the SM-92TE Praga Alfa in December 2015. ...
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The production of Orbis Avia SM-92T Praga Alfa aircraft project

SN03-004 Maiden Flight August 12th 2015 On August 12th, a successful first flight of Praga Alfa No. 03-004 completed the first phase of the Praga ...
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Orbis Avia SM-92T(E) Praga Alfa production facility was opened

Text by Martin Kubovčiak
Photos by Ing. Karel Hrnčíř
Praga announces the opening of the new SM-92T(E) Praga Alfa production facility located at the Hradec Králové International Airport, Czech ...
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