The first
road car created
by Praga since 1947

It has been 68 years but now we are back

We are delighted to introduce Praga brand new automobile, the Praga R1R. It is the first road car created by Praga since 1947 and it is here to follow up with the legendary history of Praga cars. The construction of Praga R1R is based on Praga’s recently produced  race cars and racing prototypes and it is here to provide an ultimate driving experience. Lighter than any production car, safer than competitive race cars it is a carbon composite mayhem available with licence plates.


Praga R1R will stand as a tribute to this significant milestone in the history of the brand. It will certainly be for its owner not only a good adrenaline companion and something to be proud of, but also an excellent investment for the future.


From the race track to the streets

Praga R1R is the true supersport. Engineered to enhance the fun factor, it is designed to provide functionality of a circuit race car on a track and usability and comfort for an ultimate street use. Praga R1R is not a wannabe performer, it is a true derivate of a race car with a double seater option.


Extreme aerodynamics

Inspired by a water drop and shaped by the laws of aerodynamics  gives R1R an outstanding performance usually only available to full on race cars.

Its generated down force at speeds of 200 kmph exceeds its weight and theoretically enables it to drive upside down, which means in practice that it can reach very high speeds in cornering.


Technical specifications

Praga R1R is powered by a two litre turbocharged engine available with variants offering from 330 to 390bhp and torque figures reaching 530Nm. With weight of 670kg the car offers a confident power to weight ratio over 575bhp/tonne which allows for sub 3s to 100km/h figure.

Praga R1R - www-pragaglobal-com - 4
Praga R1R Single-seater super sport car (two seater optional), carbon fibre monocoque
Weight (dry) 670 kg
Dimensions (H x L x W) 965 x 4124 x 1800 mm
Wheel base 2525 mm
Engine F4R 832 Turbocharged
Displacement 1998 cm3
Cylinder / Valves 4 / 16
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Rev Limit 7000rpm
Power 390bhp @ 6750rpm
Torque 530Nm @ 4200rpm

Higher than racing standard safety

The carbon composite monocoque which R1R shares with its circuit oriented sibling R1 secures an unmatched level of crash safety. Its production technology is not dissimilar to the one used by Formula 1 cars. The design sports a front and rear mounted crash boxes and side mounted crumple zones which functionality has been tested during a practical crash test simulations.


Truly unique

Praga R1R will be unique and custom modified for its owner. The list of extras offers a wide range of available options: from driver aided ABS, traction and launch controls to performance oriented infotainment system and road luxuries such as air conditioning and alcantara upholstery. The R1R is not a standard production car and the word custom is in its DNA.


Contact, sales and after sales service

If you have some questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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