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Praga R4S is the outstanding race car designed especially for experienced and demanding drivers and professionals.

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Center of gravity and weight ballance is our winning argument

PRAGA R4S is the ultimate supersport GT open category vehicle. It has a longitudinally mounted, center-located engine with 3.8 l, and 6 cylinder generate 400 bhp at 4500 Rpm/minute. The car has extreme torsion rigidity, fulfilling the highest safety standards, outstanding aerodynamics characteristics and handling.

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Precise engineered multipoint Suspension gives unprecedented feature: Dry/Wet complete setup in few seconds – by changing position of single screw

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Unique mechanical dataloger on all four wheels provides alternative weight balance setup and suspension travel information

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Attention to detail at Praga R4S starts with welding precusion

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Art could be hidden in superstrong 7075 billet aluminium


Record holder

The very best lap time achieved at Slovakia Ring for the PRAGA R4S was 1:59.17. As a comparison, the Gallardo GT3 Supertrofeo had a best lap time of around 02:02.