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Lightweight, Extreme downforce, Full-carbon, High safety, Low running cost

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592 kg


380 bhp

Turbo charged engine

75 hrs

Engine service interval

Praga R1 News

Loprais survived and is now even closer to the podium

Aleš Loprais, Khalid Alkendi and Petr Pokora have a lot to do in a bivouac today after the tenth stage of Dakar Rally 2020. ...
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Home race for Praga Cars

Praga Cars took part in the FIA CEZ championship after almost a years break. Praga R1T pilot Aleš Jirasek managed to place P1 ...
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Praga Cars debut in The Middle East

  In the pursuit to expand Praga Cars’ global presence, Praga Cars has now made it’s debut in The Middle East. In ...
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Full-carbon track car

The Praga R1 is a full-carbon track car designed around a composite monocoque, inspired by endurance prototypes.


Technical specification

965 x 4144 x 1800 mm Dimensions (H x L x W)
Renault Sport Formula 2010 2.0 Engine
4 / 16 Cylinder / Valves
Mid, longitudinally mounted Location
82.7 x 93 mm Bore / Stroke
1998 cm3 Displacement

Praga R1

  • 592 kg Weight
  • 210bhp @ 7250rpm Power
  • 220Nm @ 4500rpm Torque

Praga R1S

  • 592 kg Weight
  • 235bhp @ 7250rpm Power
  • 250Nm @ 5200rpm Torque

Praga R1T

  • 625 kg Weight
  • up to 340-380bhp @ 6900rpm Power
  • up to 370-410Nm @ 5750rpm Torque

Safety features

Praga R1 crash safety structure is composed of bespoke honeycomb carbon fibre monocoque, carbon/Kevlar strengthened flooring, front and rear crash boxes, and side mounted crumple zones. An independent test centre in Cranfield (UK) carried out a test of R1’s monocoque according to FIA CN standard and the monocoque survived with absolutely no damage at all. Coupled with the racing standard six point seat belt, HANS system support, helmet side support, FIA approved fuel cell, polycarbonate windows, and an integrated fire extinguisher system, you’ll never feel so safe in a race car.

running costs back

Running costs

  • Lightweight construction and suspension setup is optimised to enhance traction while minimising tyre and brake wear.
  • Engine rebuild time of Praga R1 is 50 racing hours.
  • The use of high quality parts from proven suppliers helps to reduce service costs.

Where others reach deep into their pockets to keep their engines running, the heart of your R1 will last you throughout the season.

Praga R1 running costs


Extreme aerodynamics

Teardrop-shaped R1 can generate downforce of up to 1,5x times its weight through its sophisticated aerodynamics. Enhanced traction and the overall capability of the car to go fast around the corners is what differentiate R1 from its competitors. The car can generate up to 3G of lateral force in corners.

history back

Praga is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world.

The brand was born more than one hundred years ago and it has been producing cars and trucks for various purposes since the year 1907. During the years of the First Czechoslovak Republic, Praga began with production of planes, military vehicles (including several light tanks), motorcycles and agricultural machinery. Praga therefore participated in the technical and industrial growth of the first half of the 20th century.

Currently Praga is focused around motorsport, go-karts, street cars and is working on the development of its new private aircraft. Check out more about Praga History, Praga Karts or Praga Aviation.