Dyno Facility

We offer new modern facility for tuning cars, powerful cooling option for racing cars during long-term test. The possibility of simulation of real driving based on known weight and drag coefficient of your car.

The Superflow Audodyn30 is one of the best 2WD chassis dyno in world. It offers great grip capability in compare with dual roller dynos. No extra weight needed to compensate the wheels slip. Dyno software offer very accurate engine speed and load control for easy ECU mapping.

Dyno Technical specifications

Max Speed 225 mph (362 km/h)
Track Width 26″ inside – 100″ outside (66 cm – 254 cm)
Peak Absorbed Power 1,100 (SEC) / 2,200 HP (DEC) – (820 kW / 1,641 kW)
Base System Inertia 1,200 lbs. (544 kg)
Axle Weight 8,000 lbs per axle (3,629 kg)


  • Basic measurement of car engine power: 60€ (max 1 hour)
  • Next measurements 30 mins: 30€
  • Basic measurement of motorcycle engine power: 50€ (max 1 hour)
  • Next measurements 30 mins: 30€
  • Rent of dyno: € 150(max 4 hours)
  • Next 30mins: 20€
  • Mechanic assistance: 20€/ 30 mins (minimum charge 20€) (for example spark plug change, air filter change, ignition timing check…)

Prices are excluding VAT

Twin-barrel throttle body Praga

This throttle body is specified for power and torque improvement in naturally aspirated Renault engine uses in racing car Praga R1. It is designed for eliminating loses in the intake manifold. It is a carrying part between airbox and intake manifold. It is fully electronic controlled. Power and torque increase around 10% in comparison with classic intake system (see chart). Throttle body attachement is universal for every intake manifold, for dimensions see attached customer drawing.


  • EN AW 7075 billet aluminum CNC machined body
  • Air flow without restrictions
  • Increase 8% Power and 10% Torque by 10%
  • Fly-by-wire operated
  • Intake ports according to Renault F4R 832 cylinder head
  • 6 mounting points to intake manifold
  • Bench tested using Pectel SQ6 ECU, PID control sheet available
  • Ultimate design, Hard anodized barrels, Titanium coloured body
  • Manifold gasket and airbox rubbers on request
  • Custom made intake stacks available
  • Price on request
More info at: info@pragaracing.eu