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Praga is one of the top karting brands in the industry. Our products are produced to the highest standards of quality and excellence, and we employ some of the most experienced professionals in the field. Rigorous development and testing ensures you a top-level product, always at the forefront of innovation and advancement in karting.

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Racing news from Praga

Multiple podiums at Las Vegas!

After finishing karting season in Europe, a part of PRAGA Kart Racing team had moved to the USA where they took part in the SKUSA SUPERNATIONALS to race on the new track in Las Vegas, close to ...
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Factory team PRAGA – SKUSA SUPERNATIONALS Qualifying

As we informed you in the previous press release, a part of PRAGA Kart Racing team moved to the USA where they take part in the SKUSA SUPERNATIONALS to race at the new track in Las Vegas, close ...
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Factory team PRAGA Kart Racing ended its karting season in Europe at WSK Final Cup at Adria Karting Raceway. It was a very successful end of season because Jorge Pescador finished second which ...
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Frequetly asked questions

How do I start karting?

Praga is a Kart Chassis brand who has many teams on a national level run by Praga Karting dealers, as well as a factory team full of professional drivers. If you are new to karting, the best start would be to contact our dealer in your area, who will help you and support you on start of your motorsport career! You can find our dealers here.

How do I start racing for Praga Karting Factory Team?

If you already have experience and want to go to races all around the world with our professional factory team you can contact our team manager Filip Schovánek who will discuss all details and pricing options with you. Contact him using email: schovanek@mediasport.cz

Where do I buy Praga Karting products?

Praga sells its karting products through a network of dealers. You can find your nearest dealers here.

Where are Praga Chassis made?

Our kart chassis factory – IPKarting headquarters and production is located in Salizzole, northern Italy. A worldwide network of dealers permits to the final customer to buy its own chassis and to enjoy our premium products such as complete go-karts or high quality spare parts.

IPKarting Logo

To find out more about IPKarting please visit: www.ipkarting.com

How are Praga Chassis made?

Our kart chassis factory – IPKarting is the leading kart manufacturer company. Check out interview with its CEO Daniel Sliva about how kart chassis are made in this video.

How do I become Praga Karting dealer?

We are allways eager to find new dealers for our top quality chassis. If you would like to find out all the details about how to become Praga karting dealer, please contact Luisa Toninelli – luisa.toninelli@ipkarting.com

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