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The outstanding race car

“With a heart trying to beat its way out of your ribcage,
you have to override your natural impulses and trust the aero”

HENRY CATCHPOLE, Praga R1 on Official EVO Magazine

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We have a passion for racing.
Do you?

Praga makes four different types of racing cars. Each of them unique.

Developed, tested and raced on the most demanding circuits by some of the best known racing drivers, we are constantly improving our level of understanding pilot and race car interface. Our goal is the journey. The process of becoming better, faster and more efficient. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you in our development program to help you gain what you desire. Get to know what we do and how in the following sections.


Racing news from Praga

Praga introduces Arrive & Drive program

Racing was never so accessible. Our goal is to connect professional racing teams all aroud the world with final customers who would like to race ...
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Praga will offer a new arrive and drive package of the fastest Czech racing car

All fans of Praga will soon have an opportunity to race in Praga’s car R1. Thanks to a new cooperation of companies Praga and AutoTechnologi, the ...
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Praga Cars gathered crowds at Autosport show

It was not the first time Praga has exhibited at the Birmingham Autosport as a race car and a go-kart manufacturer, but it was the first time in ...
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